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My Anchor Pal

Quick Overview

My Anchor Pal
My Anchor Pal Buoy Marker Slide Anchor Shore Spike Cover Padded Floatable

Place My Anchor Pal over shore spike.

Secure My anchor Pal’s clip through the lower metal ring of the shore spike.

Ideal for Shoreline or Shallow Water or when your Shore Spike is Summurged!

Deep Water - Secure anchor line clip to the top loop of My Anchor Pal to mark anchor location.

Storage - Place My Anchor Pal back on shore spike and clip through lower metal ring to store (this takes the place of the bungee cord.)

Features -

High visibility spike marker
Creates a padded surface
Use with the Slide Anchor Shore Spike
Watercraft matching colors
Keeps metal cool to the touch
Prolongs life of shore spike grip
High quality materials
Fits most shore spikes
Stores on shore spike
Quality USA Product

When ordering please let us know the color you would like.

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